Experiences with One-Night-Stands

Experiences with One-Night-Stands

Do you want to know about experiences with one-night-stands?

Well, thanks to Devon-escort, we have recorded an interview of a client who was ok about revealing his experiences with one-night-stands. Although Devon-escort keeps its clients very discreet and private but with the due permission of our top client, we were able to get out his erotic experiences with one-night-stands. However, as per the contract his name and personal data won’t be revealed here, instead his chosen pet name would be used. So are you ready for the sexy and sizzling experiences with one-night-stands? If yes then here goes our client Mr. Rocket.

Mr. Rocket’s experiences with one night stands

So, I’m Mr. Rocket and here I’ll share one of the two of my most favorite experiences with one-night-stands. So, I hired a young escort from Devon-escort and to be really honest it is a reliable escort agency because both times I booked my high-class escort from here. So Petra was my first hooker escort among the two experiences with one-night-stands. Petra was pretty, hot and brainy too. I enjoyed her company very much. When I booked her, I got a call from her and she asked me where do I want to meet her, I told her that It was a pretty hectic day and I need a massage service with a happy ending from her. I also told her that I would directly want to call her to my hotel room. It was 20:00 hours and my hobby hooker escort Petra was there. I would say she was very punctual. I opened the door and there my escort with latex and rubber costume was standing for me. As soon as I looked at her, I was so turned on that my boner was pretty much obvious. However, it was a bit embarrassing too as I was meeting my teen escort for the first time. However, I invited her to my room and asked her to have a dinner with me. It was nice to have a dinner with someone after since my break-up with my girlfriend last October.

After the dinner I told her that I want to get a shower, so till then you can prepare for massage, to which she replied sure. Till this time my girlfriend experienced escort Petra and I were getting pretty friendly. I also told her once I get out, she should change into her latex costume that she brought with her. After I came out she went in and changed.

When she came out after changing, she thanked me for the gift that I had kept on the sink and then asked me to lay on my back. With her dainty hands, my erotic massage escort started massaging me and it was so relaxing and erotic at the same time that I was on the seventh cloud. Soon my petite escort girl’s stroke started to get harder and she started touching my tool. In a few moments I could feel my rocket in her mouth and that was the time when I took her picked her up and started licking her body and her pussy. While I was fingering her pussy and she was moaning, I asked my kinky escort if she wants to play kinky during sex and she moaned harder, after this I would want to keep what happened in the room to myself. However, I would just end this by saying that my experiences with one-night-stands with Petra was overwhelming and thrilling, I never thought that she would be so much versatile that she would jump from being a romantic sex girl escort to play BDSM escort.

So this was Mr. Rocket’s one experience among the two experiences with one-night-stands. If you want to know about his second experience then be hooked up for the next post.